statisical information

name Aila Ochse
alias Ai, Red Vigilante, Ox, The Red Ox
age Twenty Seven
gender Female, very.
sexuality Bisexual
marital Single
species Zodiac Imprint
origin Unknown
height 5'9"
weight 160lbs
body Hourglass, fit
hair Short + Bobbed
coloring Green
eyes Ginger
diet Omnivore -- meaty lean
job underground vigilante
home Unknown

mess with the ox, get the horns

Created through science and magic, Zodiac Imprint was a government run compound that created super-soldiers in an attempt to band together an elite force of heroes that could secretly pull off government missions without the United States having to send in actual forces. Two years ago Zodiac Imprint was disbanded and shut down after the handling of one named Kyle “Dragon” Aka “Scorcher” who had gone rogue and attacked a precinct in New Jersey where the compound had been located. [ Rooster coerced a young Dragon into lashing out violently ] Some of the Imprinted have gone on to become respectable heroes and strong forces in the community, while others have disappeared completely into the underworld. July 13th marks the Death of the 16 year old boy, Harris plans on holding a vigil for him at the former compound which is now abandoned, and has sent out text messages to the last numbers he had stored in his phone for his siblings...all of them.

out of bullets

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