Meabh Jewelle

Out of Mana

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statisical information

name Meabh Jewelle
alias Mea, Ma, Jewel, Halfing
gender Female, very.
sexuality Bisexual
marital Single
species Halfing
racial Fae/Human
origin Unknown
height 5'7"
weight 160lbs
body Hourglass, fit
hair thick + wavy
coloring Dusty Blue
eyes Mud Brown
diet Omnivore -- meaty lean
job Low-class Witch
home Unknown

the trustworthy

- Nyx -
this dark fae is protected for life, by the witch.

- Ami -
the human, whom we must protect.

the coven

- Mitch -
cranky coven brother
he's cool, I guess.

- Arietta -
coven sister
she's a bit on the peculiuar side, but is loved.

- Name -
small coven sister
small note.