• Bullying of any kind is not tolerated, homophobia, transphobia, insults, slurs, etc. None of this is allowed.

  • Discrimination is also not tolerated. We understand that IC certain races/species may not like other races/species, but keep that to a minimum. We're adults, if it becomes an issue there will be consequences.

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  • While we do allow smut, only characters 18+ are allowed to partake in such things within the main room and if it becomes something that makes others uncomfortable, we simply ask that you move to DMs. We will not allow characters stating they are “old enough or legal age’’ even if they are from another country/dimension -- this is not some shit show.

  • We also allow most themes within the room, we do not allow scat or pedophilia. If something like gore is going on, we do ask to keep peers in mind as we are aware not everyone is comfortable with certain things.

  • Please remember while Roleplay is fun, this is meant to be a hobby and we are all adults. If you act like a child you will be treated as one, we do not tolerate OOC drama, period. We also will not tolerate IC drama, brought OOC or vice versa.

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  • While we love a good fantasy setting, the world within The Forest is yours to build on. Feel free to ask the staff about making something of your own! I.e a bar, an inn, a restaurant, or even building a home! Respect the Forest and it shall grant you what you seek. If you have questions? Nyxelia or the mods will be happy to answer them.

  • As much as anyone loves a good dice roll, we ask that they are not spammed.

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    Level One: A 15-30 minute ban.
    Level Two: A temporary ban (This can range between 24 hours and up to a week.)
    Level Three: A permanent ban on an Alt.
    Level Four: A permanent email ban.

    **If a ban is issued, you are more than welcome to ask for an appeal. Staff will be more than happy to listen and discuss whether or not you will be allowed back. When banned we will always be sure to tell you why you were banned, and this will be brought up again during your appeal. If staff finds that you will not be allowed back (either on the specific alt or in general) fighting the decision will only make it clear that it was the right choice to make. If you still feel as if you would like to appeal again, you are more than welcome to.**

As stated before, the Forest itself is more than alive, having a spiritual connection to specific bloodlines created by its very power. It is with this connection that the families within these lines could communicate with the Forest and carry out its will; protecting those of supernatural background and even sheltering those lost within their own worlds. Over time, many have come to reside within the Forest, vowing to protect it and agreeing to coexist with its inhabitants. Though unfortunately, during times of such light and happiness came great times of despair. There were many occurrences in which the Forest was attacked- targeted for its magic and the beings which dwelled deep inside. It was for this reason that the families were made into guardians; sworn to protect and fight against such selfish beings who dared try to disrupt such tranquility. The Forest itself also assisted; it became harder to reach, those who were not deemed worthy of its prosperity would become lost within an irreversible maze.

Unfortunately, as time went on, only one member of the original bloodlines remained. The sole guardian and chosen ruler of the Forest remained vigilant in the fight against outsiders; protecting the original inhabitants while also using her power to ward off any in search of their location. It was not until well over a millennium that the spirits of the Forest reached out to her once more, urging her to continue its original purpose; a sanctuary for all those lost. It was a large decision, one of which took some debate and consideration considering those at risk. However in the end? It was decided the Forest shall be used for those on the outside to seek refuge. Trails marked with white runes shall lead the way to homes set aside for them and it was the duty of the guardian to see this through.

Though it seemed like a simple task, having to maintain the entire Forest along with building and maintaining the sanctuary kept this guardian busy. It was after watching her struggle to balance each task that the spirits of the Forest reached out to her yet again, urging her to do something never heard of before; assign more guardians of her choosing. The idea in and of itself something that she was against until her work began to pile up and new beings began to enter her territory. Eventually, the choice was made, though much to her surprise she did not only gain guardians, but two claimed daughters as well.

- Nyx -
The first guardian, ruler of the Forest.

- Meabh -
The second guardian, keeper of the barriers.

- Ami -
The third guardian, protector of the spirits, flora, and fauna.

- Luscere -
The sacred unicorn

- Dulcet -
The Goddess Ix Chel

- Aschen -
The grumpy resident vampire

- Outside the Sanctuary -
The main trails will lead to this place.

- The Sanctuary -
Homes built within the trees, inside of the main tree (in the center of the sanctuary) would be shops of all kinds, an inn, a magick bar/lounge, and on weekends there are traders who open stalls to trade and sell potions, weapons, armor, wares, and magical items.

- The Crystal Caves-
Located beyond the sanctuary and deep within the forest. This is a place where brave souls can venture in search of treasures and the most beautiful gems around. Caution is advised when traveling here, there are many creatures that lurk in the dark.

-The Crystal Springs-
This hidden place is a treat to all those who stumble upon it. The hot springs water is fused with healing mana; relaxing sore muscles, treating wounds, and providing vitamins and nutrients to the skin.

- The Great Tree of Divinity-
Also known as Nyxelia's throne room, the guardians reside here, this is at the heart of the Forest and where the most magic flows.

- Entrance to the Dark Woods-
A place where those who break the laws of the Forest are sealed away. This place is accessible to those who dare to go there, but nothing that is cast out to the woods can make it past the Forests protective barrier…..though there have been times of it mysteriously having holes in it.

- The Dark Woods-
Enter with caution, for if you cast away to this place, you will not leave the dark woods. This is were the darkness hunts you, and where the worst of the worst spend their final days.