"I'm someone who eats even the Sun. That's why I'm Suneater."
NameAmajiki Tamaki

Height177 cm (5'9¾")
Blood TypeAB

RelationshipHis Fox

Fighting StyleMelee + Support Combat

AffiliationU.A. High School/The Big Three


Quirk Name: Manifest

Quirk Type:Transformation

Quirk Description: Manifest grants Tamaki the ability to enhance his limbs with the characteristics of anything he consumes.

Quirk Weaknesses:The transformation is maintained by the amount of the respective item within the user's system. If Tamaki's system would run low, this would render him unable to manifest any characteristics. The user must replenish their arsenal by eating certain foods every single day. The items do not necessarily have to be food, as anything Tamaki's body is capable of consuming will work with his Quirk.

Super Move: Chimera Kraken (キメラ・クラーケン Kimera Kurāken?), Tamaki mixes his Quirk to its maximum conflagration while arming himself with layers of shells for protection. Then he unleashes a massive tentacle attack that releases multiple giant tentacles that attack in a rotating wave.
Chimera Centaur (キメラ・ケンタウロス Kimera Kentaurosu?): Tamaki transforms his lower-body into the lower-half of a horse, grows horns and his hands transform into vines that hold different hard fruits on the end of them that he uses to strike multiple enemies at once.



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